Administrative Review

What is an Administrative Review?

An Administrative Review is the mechanism for reviewing refusal decision made under the Point Based System where an applicant believes an error has been made in the decision.

Is Administrative Review available for all type of cases?

No. Administrative Review is not available for in country applications which have received refusal decisions from the Home Office. Only decisions made by an Entry Clearance Officer abroad on behalf of British Embassy can be challenged. i.e only refusal for out of country applications.

Who can request Administrative Review?

Anyone refused entry clearance under Point Based System, where they believe the Entry Clearance Officer has made an incorrect decision.

What is the deadline for requesting an Administrative Review?

The applicant has 28 days from the date of receipt of the refusal notice, to submit a request for Administrative Review.

What if an application is submitted late?

If the Administrative Review is submitted after the deadline then the Administrative Reviewer will only consider the request, if there are any exceptional circumstances for the delay and for it to be accepted outside the deadline. However if the Administrative Reviewer decides not to consider the Administrative Review request then it would be returned to the applicant with a letter explaining the reasons for their decision.

Who will conduct the Administrative Review?

The initial Entry Clearance application will be decided by an Entry Clearance Officer who may allow or refuse the application. When it is refused, the application for a review will be considered by an Entry Clearance Manager. In some cases the Entry Clearance Officer who made the initial decision and Entry Clearance Manager reviewing the Administrative Review application will be at different post.

How many times can an applicant request for an Administrative Review?

The applicant is only entitled for one Administrative Review

How long will the Administrative Review take?

It takes 28 days from the date of receipt of the Administrative Review notice. The decision will be given in writing. In exceptional circumstances, the Administrative Reviewer is unable to complete the Administrative Review within the 28 days, they will notify the applicant in writing as to when to expect a decision.

What are the possible outcomes of Administrative Review?
  • Uphold decision, reasons for refusal remain the same; or
  • Uphold decision, with revised reasons for refusal; or
  • Overturn decision and issue Entry Clearance.