Business Visitor Visa

Business Visit Visa to the UK will be granted to a person who works abroad but who intends to visit the UK for short periods of time in order to transact business on their own or their employer’s behalf. The leave that will be granted for a Business Visit Visa will not extend beyond 6 months period.

Business visitor

Business Visitor Visa

Business visitor visa is granted to a person who intends to come for a business purpose to the UK and others who may not carry out business but would qualify for a business visa are:



  • Academic visitor;
  • Doctors taking the professional and linguistic assessment board (PLAB);
  • Doctors coming for clinical attachment or dentists coming for observation;
  • Visiting professors accompanying students undertaking study abroad programmes;
  • Film crews on location shoots only, provided they are employed or paid by an overseas company;
  • Representatives of overseas news media, provided they are employed or paid by an overseas company and are gathering information for an overseas publication or programme;
  • Secondees from overseas companies;
  • Religious workers undertaking some preaching or pastoral work during a business visit (for example, to attend a conference), provided their base is abroad and they are not taking up an office, post or appointment;
  • Interpreters and translators employed by an overseas company who are coming to the United Kingdom solely to accompany and provide a service to business visitors from the company;
  • Advisers, consultants, trainers or trouble shooters employed abroad by the same company to which the client firm in the United Kingdom belongs, provided this does not amount to employment paid or unpaid for the United Kingdom branch; and
  • Persons undertaking specific, one-off training in techniques and work practices used in the United Kingdom, in certain circumstances. However persons coming to the United Kingdom for one-off training in other circumstances will need to come as student visitors.


Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor

Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor Visa

Prospective Entrepreneur Visit Visa to the UK will be granted to a person who wishes to secure funding in the UK to enable them to join, set up or take over, and be actively involved in the running of, a business in the UK.

Your business ideas or plans must be supported by one or more organisations based in the UK. The organisation must support your application for a Prospective Entrepreneur Visit Visa to the UK / Entrepreneur Visa to the UK and they must consider funding your proposed business.

Please note that there are designated organisations which are approved for this purpose and it must be one of those organisations before you could be eligible for a Prospective Entrepreneur Visit Visa to the UK. Please contact our Immigration Lawyers to know the details of those organisations to determine your eligibility for a Prospective Entrepreneur Visit Visa to the UK.

You must ensure that you are able to secure a proposed funding of £50,000 from those organisations.

You will be allowed to come to the UK as a Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor for a maximum of 6 months.