Deportation order

A person who is not a British citizen or who is not otherwise exempt from deportation may be liable to deportation under the Immigration Act 1971 if:
• the Secretary of State deems the person’s deportation to be conducive to the public good or
• the person is the spouse, civil partner or child under 18 of a person ordered to be deported ; or
• the person after reaching the age of 17, is convicted of an offence which is punishable with imprisonment and on his conviction is recommended for deportation by the court.

What are the effects of a deportation order?

  • It requires the person who is the subject of the order to leave the UK;
  • It authorizes that person’s detention until they leave the UK;
  • It prohibits that person’s re-entry for as long as the order is in force;
  • It invalidates any leave to enter or remain given to the person before the order was made or while it was in force.

The process of deportation order

  • You will be served with a notice of decision to deport, which gives the reason for the decision, the country to which it is proposed to deport the person and notice of appeal rights.
  • You have a right to challenge the notice of decision to deport by way of appealing to the Immigration and Asylum Chambers (IAC).
  • But once a deportation order is signed it becomes valid and there is no further appeal, though it may be possible to appeal a refusal to revoke the order.

So what must you do if you are served with a Removal Directions by the Home Office?

If you or your friend or a family member has been served with a deportation order by the Secretary of State then you need to seek specialist legal advice from Immigration Solicitors like ourselves in order for us to assist you in challenging the deportation order.  The whole situation would be highly stressful and Immigration Officers would be acting very quickly in seeking to deport you from the UK. You cannot afford to waste any time and need to seek for legal assistance immediately from a qualified Immigration Solicitor and we hope that you would choose to call us.

So if you are served with a deportation order or your family member or someone that your know was served with a similar deportation order notice then you can contact us at 08008488991 / 07890153675.