Employers Sponsership License

Sponsorship under the Points Base System

Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsership & Sponser Liscense Application specialist able to assist A rated Employers in the UK seeking to employee migrant skilled workers from outside E U. Since introduction of the New Point Base System in February 2008 all employers in the UK is under a legal obligation to obtain a licence and be entered on a publicly available Registers of Sponsors which would enable them to continue employing a migrant worker or to legally sponsor a new migrant worker from outside the EU.

How and where to apply for a licence?

An application for a Licence must be made to the UK Borders Agency. However before any such application being made, the Employer must ensure that they are eligible to make this application of sponsorship for foreign workers from non EEA countries. The Employer also must ensure that they have the necessary procedures in place within their organisation for compliance of “Sponsor’s Duties” throughout the period of having a licence if granted. If awarded a licence, the employer would be able to issue certificates of sponsorship to their prospective non EEA migrant employee. This licence will be valid for four years, beginning from the day of issue. The cost of the licence varies according to the size of the business ie for a small sponsor to be £300 and for a big sponsor to be £1000.

What if the employer decides not to apply for the licence?

Almost all business industry in the UK has migrant workers and it is not economically viable for any employer to avoid this mandatory rule. Further more if the specialist skill is not easily available in the UK labour market and in the EEA then before an employer could legally employ any non EEA migrant, they would need to apply for the licence compulsorily. If you wish to continue employing a non EEA migrant or to sponsor a new non EEA migrant to work in the UK you must apply for the licence without any further delay.

What if the employer employ’s a Non EEA migrant without a licence?

If you are found employing illegal migrants that you are subject to a Civil Penalty fine of up to £10,000 per illegal worker and possible criminal prosecution.

What happens if the application is refused?

The employer could not sponsor a non EEA migrant to work for him or must cease employing his existing non EEA migrant in his business premises. Failure to do so would subject the employer to hefty civil penalty and possibly criminal prosecution.

What happens if the application is approved?

The Employer will be granted with a licence and the details would be entered into the Registers of Sponsors. The Employer will be granted with either with an A-Rated Licence or B-Rated Licence. If the Employer is granted with a Grade B licence then he would be under the Home Office constant inspections and an action plan would be drawn for the Employer to comply with the requirements stated therein. The Employer who satisfies the action plan to Home Office would be entitled for an upgrade to A- Rated Licence. However if the Employer fails to satisfy the action plan within 12 months then he would lose his B-Rated Licence.

How Can the Employer lose his “A” rated licence?

An Employer can lose his A-Rated licence if he fails to comply with his Sponsor duties or if there has been any abuse of his sponsorship or if he fails to continue maintaining a proper system in place after obtaining the A-Rated Licence. If an Employer loses his licence, then he will also lose his non EU migrant workers obtained under that licence. He may also face a difficult task convincing the UK Borders Agency to approve a future application.

Prospective employee to the UK

Non EU National

The UK Borders Agency now requires all non EU migrants who wish to work in the UK to obtain sufficient “points” to qualify for Entry Clearance. This rule is mandatory irrespective of the fact that you may be from a visa national or a non visa national country. The prospective employee must ensure that the job offered to them is in fact from an employer in UK, who is approved and listed in the Sponsorships Register. Your application will be under the following:-

Tier 2 of the Points Base System in sub category of General, Intra Company Transfer, Ministry of Religion and Sports Person; or
Tier 5 of the Points based System in sub category of Youth Mobility Scheme, Religious Workers, Charity Workers, Creative and Sporting, Government Authorized Exchange and International Agreements.
EU Nationals

A8 EU Nationals

EU Nationals are required to register under the Workers Registration Scheme if they intend to work in the UK for more than one month unless they fall into the exempted category. The responsibility of registration is upon the individual from the A8 countries. In order for the worker to get himself or herself registered under Workers Registration Scheme he or she, should produce a valid employment offer letter from their employer.

When must the employee apply for registration under the Workers Registration Scheme?

The employee must apply before they start working for the employer or as soon as they start working for the employer within the first of month of employment itself. If they apply within the first month of employment then the employer would be allowed to continue the employment until the Home Office makes a decision on the application.

What if the registration was granted?

The employer would be authorised to continue employing the individual worker if the Home office issues the registration certificate.

What if the registration was refused?

The employer must cease employing the said individual immediately without any delay. The employer could face a civil penalty of up to £5,000, or subject to criminal prosecution, if he continues employing a worker who has been refused or who has not applied for a registration certificate within one month of starting work for you or if you can’t prove any application being submitted by the employee.

A2 Nationals

If you are a Bulgarian and Romanian national then you can move and live freely in the UK. You do not need permission to enter or remain to live in the United Kingdom under the immigration rules. However if you wish to work then you need to apply for an accession worker card unless you fall into the exempted category.

When must the employee apply for registration under the Workers Registration Scheme?

Your employer may have to apply for a work permit on your behalf. Work permit arrangements has been closed for Non EEA nationals as of 26th November 2008 and it has been placed currently under the Tier 2 of Points Based System. However Work permit arrangements continue for employers wishing to recruit Bulgarian and Romanian nationals. Work permits are issued for a specific individual to work in a specific job.

There are six different work permit arrangements:

  • Business and Commerical;
  • Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES);
  • Sports and Entertainments;
  • Student internships;
  • Sector Based Scheme (SBS);
  • General Agreement on Trade in Services
  • How we can help you?

We can help restaurant owners to sponsor chefs, educational establishments employing teachers, nursing homes employing care workers, hospitals employing nurses, doctors or other medical expert or staff, any employers who wish to employ a skilled worker from Non EU country, Intra Company Transfer, Ministry of Religion or any of the Tier 5 categories by processing your prospective employees visa application to work in the UK. We can prepare your application for Sponsorship Licence, advice you on your “Sponsor Duties”, ensure appropriate compliance procedures are in place, help and advice you on the prevention of illegal working, and the risks arising from employing migrant labour whether they are from within or outside of the EU, offer expert advice and assistance needed to help ensure that your business has the best possible opportunity to obtain a Licence as an A rated Sponsor.

Affiliate Relationship with Employers in the UK

We would be interested in establishing an affiliate relationship with A rated Employers in the UK. We could sign post potential migrants who are highly educated, skilled and experienced for a job prospects within your organisation. Please refer to our affiliate section for further details.