Family members of migrant workers & students

If you are a partner and dependent child of a migrant who has temporary (limited) permission to stay in the UK then you can still apply to join him / her in the UK. This would include migrants in the work category and students under the Points Based System and outside the Points Base System.

PBS category

This would include Tier 1 PSW Dependant Visa, Tier 1 Investor Dependant Visa, Tier 1 Entrepreneur Dependant Visa, Tier 2 Dependant Visa, Tier 5 Dependant Visa and Tier 4 Dependant Visa.

Non PBS Category

If you are the partner or dependent child under 18 of a migrant who is in or coming to the UK in most work categories outside the points-based system, you can apply for a visa to join them here.This would include Domestic Worker Dependant Visa and Representatives’ of Overseas Business.