Humanitarian Protection

‘Humanitarian Protection which will be granted to those who, though not refugees, would, if removed, face in the country of return a serious risk to life or person arising from the death penalty, unlawful killing or torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. This reflects the UK’s obligations under the

  • Article 2 ( Right to Life) of the ECHR;
  • Article 3 ( Prohibition of Torture) of the ECHR;and
  • Protocol No.6 to the Convention ( ie against the death penalty)

Under the new system, a person who qualifies for Humanitarian Protection will usually, but not always, be granted leave for three years. If the person has a continuing need for protection will be eligible to apply for settlement in the United Kingdom. Settlement will not be granted automatically, but only where the circumstances continue to justify for further leave.  A person with no continuing need will not get any further leave.

Those granted with Humanitarian Protection in the UK will have access to public funds and will be eligible to work.

Humanitarian Protection will not be granted to those who meet criteria for exclusion from the UK, which include the person’s presence not being conducive to the public good because of criminal behaviour or a threat to UK security.