Illegal Immigrants / Overstayer

Overstayer in the UK / Illegal Entrant in the UK

Have you Overstayed your visa in the UK?

Have you Entered into the UK illegally?

Would you like to Regularise your stay in the UK?

Who is an Overstayer in the UK?

An Overstayer is a person who was granted limited leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, but who neither left the country on the date indicated nor asked for the leave to be extended. Overstaying is an Immigration Offence in the UK. A person commits the offence on the day when he or she first knows that leave to enter or remain has expired, and continues to commit it until such time as his or her position is regularised, for example through a further grant of leave to remain in the UK.

Who is an Illegal Entrant to the UK?

An illegal entrant to the UK is a person

  • Who is unlawfully entering or seeking to enter in breach of a deportation order or of the immigration laws; or
  • Who is entering or seeking to enter by means which include deception by another Person; or
  • Who obtained leave to remain in the UK by deception (including silent, innocent party and third party deception) provided that the deception was material (i.e sufficient to influence the immigration Officer to grant leave which the Immigration Officer would otherwise have been bound to refuse had the true facts known); or
  • Who was not given leave to enter or remain in the UK and is liable to be detained by an immigration officer and summarily removed from the United Kingdom

Examples of illegal entry

Illegal entry may be encountered when the person concerned is attempting to gain, or has gained either:

Entry without leave

  • Clandestine from Calais / Dover
  • Absconding from temporary admission / temporary release in the UK
  • Posing as a person with the right of abode
  • Illegal entry from the Republic of Ireland
  • Illegal entry from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Entry by deception

  • By deceiving the immigration officer on arrival as to his or her true intentions (e.g. posing as a visitor when the intention was to work, study or settle here)
  • By posing as, or impersonating, a dependant of a person settled here
  • By producing falsified documents, including false passports

If you are an Overstayer in the UK or an Illegal Entrant in the UK but if you have established a strong family and private life in the UK then contact our Immigration Solicitors to find out as to how you could Regularise your stay in the UK. You may qualify for a Human Rights Application in the UK.

There are options within the Immigration Rules and outside the Immigration Rules to Regularise your stay in the UK.

 You may look at some of the previous clients’ review where we have successfully won their cases. They were also like you either as an Overstayer  in the UK or an Illegal entrant in the UK. Now they have Discretionary Leave to Remain in the UK with their spouse and children. They could work lawfully in the UK, buy a home in the UK and set up business     attend University, travel outside of the UK to visit their family members in their country of origin and re-enter the UK.

So please do not hide away and fear about your status and your family members’ status in the UK. Please contact our Immigration Solicitors to discuss your options in confidence. You may call us free on 08008488991 or email us at or you may complete our online enquiry form. Our Immigration Solicitors will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours.