Initial Consultation

  • New Clients are only seen with a pre-booked appointment for Immigration Consultation, Family Law Consultation or any other Consultation.
  • Clients are requested to provide as much information as  they could about their immigration problems when contacting the firm initially to speak with our Immigration Lawyers
  • When you decide it is best to speak to an Immigration Lawyer at our firm then you can either telephone or email or complete our online form for our Immigration Lawyer to contact you further
  • We offer fixed fee consultation for £95 which may last between 30 minutes minimum to 60 minutes maximum with our Immigration Solicitors
  • During initial consultation our Immigration Solicitors will
    1. Identify and understand the issues involved.
    2. Identify possible solutions and strategy.
    3. Give you an estimate of cost and timescale to resolve your problem
    4. Our Immigration Lawyers would offer you their honest and expert opinion
    5. This is a No obligation consultation. You have a choice to decide either to appoint our Immigration Lawyers to act further in your case or not. If you do then the Initial Consultation Fees will be credited to your case PROVIDED the formal instructions are completed on the same day with the firm.

NB: Please note the Initial Consultation Fees will be collected before our Immigration Lawyers start their Consultation and if you disagree to pay then our Immigration  Lawyers reserve their rights to end the Initial Consultation immediately and they would ask you to leave the office.