Inter Country Adoptions

Inter Country Adoptions means an adoption where the applicants do not have the same nationality as the child or live in a different country from the child.If a parent / parents from the UK wish to adopt a child from abroad then there are strict Immigration Rules that you need to comply with.

How do I qualify to bring my adopted child to the UK?

You must be able to show that:
  • you currently live and are settled in the UK legally, with no time limit on your stay, and
  • you can support your child and provide somewhere to live without needing help from public funds.

How does my adopted child qualify to join me in the UK?

You, or your child, must show that he or she:
  • cannot support themselves financially, is not married and is not living independently away from their parents
  • is under 18 years of age
  • was adopted when both parents lived together abroad or when one or the other parent was settled in the UK
  • has the same rights as any other child of the adoptive parents
  • was adopted because their birth parents could not care for them and there has been a full and genuine transfer of parental responsibility
  • has broken all ties with their birth family, and
  • was not adopted just to make it easier to enter the UK.

Will a foreign adoption order be recognised in the UK?

A foreign adoption order will only be recognised in the UK if it was made in a country that is included in the Adoption (Designation of Overseas Adoptions) Order 1973. Such a country is known as a ‘designated’ country.
If the adoption order was made in a country that is not designated, the child can apply to come to the UK to be adopted through the courts.
P/S: Contact us to find out if the country of residence of the child to be adopted is within the designated list or non designated list for inter-country adoption purposes.

How long can my adopted child stay?

If your child was adopted in a designated country and both you and your husband, wife or civil partner are settled in the UK, or if you alone are responsible for the child, they will normally be allowed to stay permanently in the UK from the date they arrive.
If your child has not been adopted in a designated country, they will normally be allowed to stay in the UK for 12 months so the adoption process can continue through the UK courts.

Will my adopted child automatically become a British citizen?

Your child will only become a British citizen if you adopted them through the UK courts and at least one of you (as their adoptive parents) was a British citizen when the adoption order was made.

Does my adopted child need a visa?

All adopted children coming to the UK need a visa before they travel unless they qualify for a passport issued by an EEA member state. You should apply for entry clearance for an adopted child in the country of which the child is a national or where they legally live.

The consequences for failure to observe the Immigration Rules pertaining to Inter-Country adoption

 It is now an offence for prospective adoptive parents to bring a child into the UK to adopt them, unless the adoptive parents have met all the legal requirements. The penalty for not following legal requirements is an unlimited fine or up to 12 months’ imprisonment (or both).
The prospective adoption parents must be able to provide sufficient evidence as proof that:
  • they have already been assessed and approved by a local council or a voluntary adoption agency (VAA) of their suitability as an adoptive parents, and
  • their suitability has been approved by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills and they would be issues with a “certificate of eligibility”.

Within 14 days of the prospective adoptive parents’ arrival in the UK with a child, they must tell their local council of their intention to adopt the child. Once the council has received this notification, the child will become a protected child under section 22 of the Adoption Act 1976 and will be monitored by the council under sections 32 and 33.

How we can assist you?

We can advise and assist you on in applying for a visa for an adopted child to join a single parent or both of his / her parents in the UK and also for a child to travel to the UK to be adopted legally.
The Prospective Parent can be:
  • single parent
  • both parents
  • unmarried couple
  • married couple
  • cohabite
  • same sex couples