Legacy case

If you have claimed asylum before 5th March 2007 and it has not been resolved then it would be dealt by the Case Resolution Directorate (CRD). These are sometimes known as Legacy Cases.

What is meant by unresolved asylum cases?

Unresolved asylum cases are ones where an asylum claim has been made and, as yet, the application has not been concluded either because of errors in recording information or because there is still some action that the Home Office needs to take on it. You cannot make a new asylum application in the Legacy route and you cannot submit new evidence for the existing outstanding asylum application in this route.

How will the Legacy Case be assessed by the Home Office?

This is not an Immigration Amnesty for individuals whose cases are unresolved. The Home Office will consider the cases in same way as new applications, using the same rules to decide whether applicants qualify for permission to stay in the United Kingdom or should be refused asylum and removed from the country. Human rights factors will be part of this assessment

Each case will be allocated to a case owner who will then process it through to conclusion. Initially case owners will check computer records against paper files, correcting data errors and deleting duplicate records. Then they will check criminal records and any individual who has committed a serious offence will be considered for deportation. The remaining cases will then be considered.

When will the Legacy Cases be resolved?

A substantial number of cases have already been resolved. The Home Office aim to conclude all of the incomplete cases by the summer of 2011 and they are on track to do so.

Which cases will be considered first?

It is only applications made before 5th March 2007.

The Home Office are giving priority, in the following order, to asylum applicants who:

  • may pose a risk to the public;
  • can be easily removed from the UK;
  • are receiving public support; and
  • may qualify to be allowed to stay in t his country.

Please note that the Home Office will deal with truly exceptional or compassionate cases earlier if there are compelling reasons for doing so. So please contact us to find out as to how your unresolved asylum claim could be prioritised or expedited in the legacy system.

Update from the Home office regarding Legacy Cases

The case resolution directorate (CRD) has now completed a review of legacy asylum cases. A small number of cases have been reviewed but are still awaiting a final conclusion. Some examples of cases awaiting conclusion are listed below, however this is not an exhaustive list:

  • cases awaiting prosecution;
  • cases awaiting removal (including a small number of cases that require further casework action before removal action can be progressed);
  • cases with ongoing litigation;
  • cases that were placed in a Controlled Archive due to CRD being unable to trace the applicant.