Low skilled workers (Tier 3 PBS)

Tier 3 PBS category was created to fill the low skilled workers market in the UK on short term which would not lead to a settlement. The original intention was that Tier 3 would replace the Seasonal Agricultural Worker’s Scheme (SAWS) and the Sector-Based Scheme (SBS). Both were due to be phased in 2006 but remain operational, although now reserved exclusively for Romanian and Bulgarian nationals.

There seems to be no imminent prospects of Tier 3 becoming operative. The Migration Advisory Committee had recommended establishing a scheme that would fit under Tier 3 and it seems that the Labour Government’s original intention, when the PBS was conceived, was that Tier 3 would be operative. However, the prevailing view seems to be that demand for unskilled labour can be met from within the EEA workforce (hence the restriction of SAWS and SBS to Bulgarians and Romanians) and through the other tiers of the PBS, particularly Tier 5 and incidental work carried out by students admitted under Tier 4.