Removal order

The Secretary of State has wide powers to remove foreign nationals from the UK and it usually takes place by way of “Administrative Removal”.

Who can be removed from the UK?

  • A person who has been refused leave to enter;
  • A person who has overstayed the limit of their leave;
  • A person who has breached the Immigration conditions of their leave;
  • A person who has obtained leave to remain by deception;
  • A person who enters in breach of a deportation order;
  • A person who enters without leave;
  • Families of the above people who are subject to immigration control.

Even though the Secretary of State the power to remove a person administratively, the Home Office has to make a decision that it is appropriate to remove them given the circumstances of their individual case.

So what must you do if you are served with a Removal Directions by the Home Office?

If you or your friend or a family member has been served with removal directions by the Home Office then you need to seek specialist legal advice from Immigration Solicitors like ourselves in order for us to assist you in challenging the Removal Directions.  The whole situation would be highly stressful and Immigration Officers would be acting very quickly in seeking Removal Actions on your behalf from the UK. You cannot afford to waste any time and need to seek for legal assistance immediately from a qualified Immigration Solicitor and we hope that you would choose to call us.

So if you are served with a removal notice or your family member or someone that your know was served with a similar removal notice then you can contact us at 08008488991 / 07890153675.

Immigration Removal Notice is also known as Section 10 Notice or Administrative Removal Notice.