Study in the UK

Statistic in the past has shown that hundreds of thousands, students comes to the UK for higher education, further education, to learn English or to attend private schools. Collectively they are worth many billions a year to the UK economy. Besides that they are also a key factor in the economic sustainability of many UK educational institutions, and enable bright young people from abroad to develop lifelong ties with the UK which are of long term benefit to the country.

Student category is now under the Tier 4 of the Points Based System. The first stage of Tier 4 (General) Student and Tier 4 (Child) Student rolled-out on 31 March 2009.

Who can come to the UK to study from Non EEA country?

Both Visa Nationals and Non-Visa Nationals can come to the UK to study and it is broadly categorized in age group as either Adult Students or Child Students.

 What requirements must the students satisfy in order to be eligible for a student visa?

The Adult Student or Child Student must be able to prove that their Sponsor ie chosen Educational Institution in the UK is registered with the UK Border Agency as a licensed sponsor with “A” rating. You will be awarded a total of 30 points if you can adduce a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) unique reference number. You will be awarded a total of 10 points for your maintenance fees which include your course fees and living expenses.

As for Child Student under the age of 18, you must be able to prove that suitable arrangements has been made for your travel, reception and care whilst in the United Kingdom in addition to the above requirements.

(CAS) Valid confirmation of acceptance for studies 30 points
Maintenance 10 points

Sponsor for Tier 4

Please refer to UK Employers & Education providers page for additional information.

 Medical Treatment

International students staying in the UK for a period of six months or more qualify for free healthcare through the National Healthcare Service. Therefore once you are settled with a permanent address in the UK, it is advisable that you register yourself with a doctor’s surgery local to your area to obtain medical health services from your GP. You need to take your passport for your registration and ID Card.


Your appeal rights would depend upon whether you made an in country or out of country application for a student visa.

 In Country Application

If you make an application for a student visa in the UK, your right to an appeal and the process you need to follow will depend on the type of application you have made and if a Statutory Right of Appeal is available then you would be allowed to appeal on the refusal.

If you are currently in the UK and you make an application for a student extension visa, then you may have a right to appeal if it is refused. However you must make an application for visa extension before your current leave expires.

 Out of Country Application

If you make an application for a student visa from outside the United Kingdom, you have a right to an administrative review. You must request a review of the refusal within 28 calendar days of the date the refusal notice was issued. You can only ask for one administrative review for each application that has been refused and you would not be allowed to send any additional documents and proof with your request for a review.

 Variation / Switch / Extension of your student visa

Students are allowed to switch into a different immigration category whilst they are in the UK legally. Contact us for further advice as to how you could switch into a different category but the most popular route is switching to the Tier 1 – (General) Highly Skilled Person ( which has been closed in 2011) , Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa , Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Tier 1 (Investor)  and Tier 2 (General) – Skilled Worker with job offer.  Extension of leave to continue further education is allowed provided it is submitted before your current leave expires. Non EEA Migrants who are currently in the UK on a different immigration category are allowed to switch into an adult student category provided that, they satisfy all the relevant Immigration Rules. Please contact us for further details.

 Can I work in the UK?

As a student you are allowed to work part time for 20 hours a week during term time and if it is a work placement and part of a study program and the educational institutions agrees then you may work for full time or if it during your term breaks. However you are not allowed to conduct business, be self employed or provide services as a professional sports person or entertainer.  You are not allowed to work full time to fund your education in the UK. These arrangements must be in place before you embark into any course of study in the UK.


You are not allowed to apply to stay in the United Kingdom permanently after being in a student immigration category immediately. However there are many other routes that are available for students who have switched category prior to their application for settlement. Please contact us for further details as to how you could apply for settlement in the UK.

Becoming a British Citizen

Students who have attained settlement in the UK can proceed to become a British Citizen. Please contact us for further details as to how you could apply for British Citizenship in the UK.

What study related routes remain outside of PBS?

The following routes remain outside of PBS:

  • Students in the UK under the immigration rules in place before 31 March 2009. These categories of students are not governed by the PBS rules. They would be still considered under the old immigration rules until their permission to stay runs out.
  • Prospective Students – are for those students who have not chosen a course of study or an educational institution in the UK. They would be granted an initial entry of six months to enter into the UK and by the end of this duration they must have chosen an educational establishment and enrolled with a course of study.
  • Student Visitors – for those coming to the UK for up to 6 months who do not intend to work and/or extend their stay.
  • Child Visitors – for under 18s coming to the UK to undertake a short course of study as part of a visit of up to 6 months.
  • Parents of children at school – for parent carers accompanying child students under the age of 12 to the United Kingdom.

 Students in the UK under the Immigration Rules before 31st March 2009

If you are in the United Kingdom as a student under the Immigration Rules in place before 31 March 2009, the old rules still apply to you until your permission to stay runs out.

Student Placement

We have arrangements with our affiliates to offer student placements for any course of education in the UK. Any interested candidates may contact us with the following details: –

  • CV
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Diploma & Training Certificates
  • Police Clearance

Our Immigration Solicitors can assist student clients:

  • Initial student visa application;
  • Extension of a student visa;
  • Switching from a student visa;
  • Student Applications to move from their existing college / University 
  • Student applications with college which has lost its sponsorship licence / closed down
  • Appeal Home Office decision to grant a student visa
  • Appeal Home Office decision to extent a student visa
  • Appeal Home Office decision to switch from a student visa