Tier 5 (charity workers)

Charity workers are defined as Voluntary workers by the National Minimum Wage Act 1998. Migrants coming under this category will be granted a maximum 12 months stay. They will only be allowed to carry out voluntary activities and not paid work. However their dependants will be permitted to work if accompanying or joining them in the UK.

In order to gain a licence as a sponsor of voluntary worker the employer must be registered as UK charity organisation. In obtaining the Certificate of Sponsorship the Sponsor is vouching that the migrant:-

  • Is intending to undertake voluntary field works directly related to the purpose of the charity sponsoring them;
  • Will not be paid or otherwise remunerated for their work with the exception of reasonable expenses outlined in S.44 of the National Minimum Age Act 1998;
  • Will not take up a permanent position; and

Will comply with the conditions of their stay and leave the UK when it expires.

The score must be 40 points in order to qualify under this category.

Certificate of Sponsorship

30 points


10 points

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