Tier 5 (creative & sporting)

This category replaces the previous work permit system for individuals in the creative and sporting sector who are entering the UK for up to 12 months. Now under the Points Based System leave will be granted up to 12 months for migrants who wish to come into UK to work as sports people. Leave up to 24 months will be granted for migrants who wish to come into UK to perform as entertainers or creative artist.

However it does not cover individuals who currently enter the UK under the permit-free concessions for entertainers (including permit-free festivals, and sports people). These concessions have been brought within the immigration rules (outside the points-based system) under the revised visitor categories. Please refer to Visitors Category section.

The score must be 40 points in order to qualify under this category.

Certificate of Sponsorship

30 points


10 points

Please contact our Immigration Solicitors for further specific requirements.