Travel Document Applications

Travel Document Applications

South England Solicitors can offer a comprehensive service in assisting you with your Travel Documents Application to the Home Office. If you have travel plans abroad and if the plan is jeopardised due to the fact that you are unable to secure a passport or renew the passport from your country of origin then you may seek help from a solicitor to assist further.

There are basically four types of travel documents:

  • Convention travel document;
  • Stateless person’s document;
  • One – way document; and
  • Certificate of travel.  

You can contact us to find out as to how you could qualify for the above documents from the Home Office which would entirely depend upon on your circumstances and status in the UK.

However before you could qualify for a travel document, you must prove that you have been legally resident in the UK for at least six months and from the date when you make your application unless it is a one way document.

There are other supporting documents that needs to be enclosed which we would advice you at the time of instruction.

Travel document application

You may apply for a new travel document, or apply for a replacement if it was lost, or stolen or expired, or if you need to change or replace it.

 Biometric travel document

The Home Office has been issuing biometric travel document since 17 March 2008 to all new applicants and if you are in possession of the existing travel documents then they would continue to be valid until they expire.

 Children and travel document

Children cannot be included on the same application form as their parent or guardian. Each child will need to complete their own application form for a travel document. If you have children born in the UK then we can also advice you if they would qualify for a British Passport.

 Appeal rights

There is no right of appeal against a refusal of the issue of travel document or a certificate of identity so it is important to get the right legal advice.