Visit Visas

If you are coming to the UK as a visitor, you are allowed to stay here for up to 6 months in most cases.

If someone in the UK will be ‘sponsoring’ you during your visit, they should read the Sponsoring a visitor pages.

What is the purpose of your Visit to the UK?

A Non EEA national may apply Visit Visa to the UK for the following purposes:-

Tourism and visiting friends in the UK

Tourism and visiting friends category consist of :

Visiting family and relatives in the UK

Visiting family and relatives in the UK category consists of:

Visiting to do business in the UK

Visiting to do business in the UK category consists of:


Visiting to study in the UK

Visiting to study in the UK category consists of:


Visiting as a sportsperson in the UK

Visiting as a sportsperson in the UK category consist of :

Entertainer Visitors visa

Sponsorship Declaration for a Visitor Visa

In order for you to visit the UK, you must have sponsor in the UK who would be able to provide a guarantee to the Entry Clearance Officer at the British Embassy at your country of origin that you are a genuine visitor, you would be adequately accommodated and maintained without recourse to public funds, that you would return to your country before your leave expires and would not breach any of your leave conditions attached to your visa. There are on-going discussions that general visitor’s leave should be reduced from six months to three months and all sponsors in the UK must pay a sum of £5,000 to the UK Government as a bond before they could sponsor anyone to visit the UK. This is to ensure that the person they sponsor would return back to their country of origin at the end of their leave. This would positively ensure and monitor the movement of visitors as not to overstay or abscond in the UK after arrival. However this rule has not been implemented yet. Some existing non visa national countries are also under heavy scrutiny due to visa abuse and may lose the status if no improvement is shown.

Medical Treatment

As a visitor to the UK you are not entitled for free medical treatment from the National Health Service (NHS) while you are visiting the United Kingdom therefore a person must never seek entry on this purpose. Therefore it is advisable that comprehensive travel insurance is in place prior to your departure to the UK. However if you receive any treatment in a hospital’s accident and emergency department, then you will be charged for any treatment you receive. If you have a private medical cover then the expenses incurred would be possibly covered, otherwise you must be prepared to pay privately. But if you are planning to seek medical treatment in the UK “privately” then you may qualify to enter into the UK for that purposes, provided you satisfy the necessary requirement for the Visitor visa for Private Medical Treatment

Police Registration

Police registration may be required for certain category of visitors and if so these conditions will be written in your passport and you must register within seven days of your arrival in the United Kingdom. To register, you will need your passport and the registration fee. Two passport-size photographs of yourself are usually also required. If you are staying in the Metropolitan Police area in London, you should take these items to the Overseas Visitors Records Office at the the following address (The Overseas Visitors Records Office, Brandon House, 180 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LH , (T) 020 7230 1208 between hours of  0900 and 1600, Monday to Friday) . If you are not staying in the Metropolitan Police area, you should contact your local police station for the addresses and opening hours of other police registration offices.


It is important that your visa applications are prepared in compliance with the UK Immigration Rules. Failure to comply with any rules or any error or omission on your part would result your application being refused. Appeal process is not available to all the visitors’ category and this may cause distress to you unnecessarily.

Variation / Switching / Extension of Visitor Visa

Normally a person with a visitor visa will not be allowed to change the conditions of their stay in the United Kingdom or to apply for a longer period of stay from what was originally granted. However in extreme exceptional circumstances this may be possible. Besides that if you have not used the maximum period allowed in the particular visitor visa category then an extension would be possible.

Q. Can I work or study or conduct business or provide services or take up training during my visit?

Whether you would be allowed to study, work, conduct business, provide services, take up training etc would depend solely upon the category of visitor visa you applied for.

Premium Visit Visa

You can apply for a Premium Visit Visa if you travel to the UK frequently, either on business or for leisure or family purposes. The long –term Premium Visa includes the following benefits:

  • allows unlimited entries to the UK, for up to six months at any one time, for the validity of the visa;
  • helps to protect your identity from theft;
  • prevents mistaken identity;
  • protects you against any future visa fee increases for the validity of the long term visa.


You may apply for the Premium Visit Visa by giving your biometric evidence at the visa processing centre in your country. This is a quick and simple process involving a ten finger scan which enables the UK visa processing agent to keep your identification in their data base as someone that they know and trust. In addition, as their trusted visitors you can apply to enrol in the automatic iris recognition system at UK ports, which facilitates ‘ fast track’ admission by the use of automatic booths, avoiding queues. The duration of the Premium Visit Visa could be for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years. Premium Visit Visa is also commonly known as Multiple Entry Visa to the UK.

Q. How can we help you?

For Visitor from abroad:-

  • We will advise you on the most appropriate category taking into account your circumstances and purpose of your visit;
  • We can prepare your application with all the supporting documents and submit to the British Embassy or to VFS office in your country who is the appointed agent by the British Embassy to process all the visa applications to the UK;
  • We can advise you on the forthcoming interview with your Entry Clearance Officer who would undertake to make further enquiries in establishing whether you are genuine visitor and the purpose of your visit;
  • In certain instances we may request that you be exempted from an interview and this may be considered by the Entry Clearance Officials in certain instances;
  • Advise you on your duties and responsibilities as a visitor to the UK;
  • If you made an application for a visitor visa and it is refused then we can assist you in submitting an appeal on your refused visitor visa. We can either make an appeal on papers or oral appeal to the IAC.  We could even approach for a review to the Entry Clearance Manager in your country of origin before the appeal process in the UK. However it is important for you to be aware that appeal rights are not available for the all the visitor category;
  • If you are in the UK and wish to extend or vary your leave, we may assist you provided that you satisfy the necessary Immigration Rules.

 For Sponsors in the UK : –

  • We can  prepare a Sponsorship Declaration to enable you to sponsor your family or friends to the UK;
  • We will advise you on your rights and responsibilities as a Sponsor;
  • If there has been a refusal, then we can lodge an appeal for the person that you have sponsored and represent them at Immigration and Asylum Chambers for a full hearing.