Worker Registration Scheme

“A 8” Countries

If you are a national of Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia then you will normally have to register under the Worker Registration Scheme if you wish to work for an employer in the United Kingdom for more than one month. However, you do not need to meet this requirement and longer as this scheme was officially closed on the 30th April 2011.

All EEA nationals may also our Immigration Solicitors us on the following:-

  • Application for Registration Certificate;
  • Application for Residence Card;
  • Application on Workers Registration Scheme;
  • Application for Family Member Residence Stamp;
  • Application for Permanent Residence;
  • Application for EEA Family Permit if your family members are joining you from abroad;
  • How you could bring your family members ( Non-EU Family Members or EU Family Members) to the UK on a visit or temporarily or to live with you permanently;
  • Whether your (Non-EU Family Members or EU Family Member) would have any rights to work in the UK;
  • How you may regularise stay of your Non EU Family Member who has limited leave or no leave to enter into the UK;
  • Our Immigration Solicitors can also advise you as to how you could lawfully enter into marriage with a Non EU National or to live together in a durable relationship
  • Your settlement rights in the UK with your family members
  • Your right to obtain a British Citizenship and your family members